Best Atlanta Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done

Tired of going to the same old Starbucks for a spot to work? Look no further! I’ve put together my list of my favorite coffee shops to work at! If you know me personally, then you know that I’m always at a coffee shop either working for my full time job or blogging so I’ve hit up a lot of spots. I put together this list and took things like coffee, places to sit, outlets, and parking into consideration! I am so excited to share this post with you all and hope you find it helpful!

West Midtown


I have been coming to this quirky, French-inspired bakery for years and love the variety of drinks and food it offers (Full review here)! This is one of my go-to’s if I need coffee and a meal. They stay open until 8pm or 10pm depending on the day which means there’s plenty of time to crank out work! The interior is cool and there’s so much to look at!

  • Outlets: Outlets are at the seats and tables along the wall.
  • Seating: There are so many seats here (mainly tables but there are 2 couches too!)
  • Parking: I’ve never had a problem with parking as they have parking on the side and a back lot too!
  • What I Order: I LOVE their breakfast sandwiches and their soups + baguettes for lunch. I usually order a chai latte or a vanilla latte as well!

Chattahoochee Coffee Co

This coffee shop is super cozy and reminds me of a cabin! It’s especially perfect for rainy days. See full review here.

  • Outlets: I typically can find an outlet here since they have them on the ground and at the high tables!
  • Seating: They have couches, big cushioned chairs and tables, as well as high tables!
  • Parking: They offer spots in the deck and street parking!
  • What I Order: I usually get a chai tea latte or a vanilla latte!


Dancing Goats

You may have been to this coffee shop at Ponce City Market but they opened another one in Midtown! Fun fact, this coffee chain is featured in the movie “Love, Simon”!

  • Outlets: Dancing Goats has a lot of outlets at the 2 sections of high seats!
  • Seating: There’s high seats, outdoor seating, and comfy chairs too here!
  • Parking: The staff mentioned they do validation for 2 hours in the deck! It’s also right across from Marta if you want to take Marta instead of drive.
  • What I Order: I love the lattes and the apple chai scones. *heart eyes*


Docent Coffee (Formerly Cafe & Velo)

Photo by Eater Atlanta

Love the decor and simplicity to this coffee shop. You can also rent bikes from here!

  • Outlets: There aren’t as many outlets here as the other coffee shops on this list but they do have them at a portion of the indoor and outdoor seats.
  • Seating: They have both indoor and outdoor seating/ an upstairs patio!
  • Parking: I park on the street when I come here!
  • What I Order: I LOVE their croissant breakfast sandwiches! Especially the ones with cheese and avocado! The coffee is great too!

Chrome Yellow Trading Co

Photo by

This coffee shop has an industrial-style interior and has an apparel shop inside too, perfect for treating yourself after you finish your work. šŸ˜‰

  • Outlets: There is seating along the walls where you can find outlets!
  • Seating: I love the space in that it’s large and there are a variety of seats! They have a lot of tables and there are some couches too!
  • Parking: They have a tiny lot which you can park in if you’re lucky but otherwise you can park on the street.
  • What I Order: They sell Stumpton Coffee here which is a well known roaster from Portland! As you can probably tell by now, I’m a latte girl so I ordered the latte here and enjoyed it!


East Pole Coffee Co

This is Atlanta’s newest coffee shop in Armour Yards and I love the blue and gold touches of decor in this space!

  • Outlets: There are outlets against the walls and at the high seats!
  • Seating: There is seating as shown in the top left pic, but if you go out the side doors into the rest of the building, they also have stair seats with cushions!
  • Parking: They have their own parking spaces in front of the coffee shop and I’ve always been able to find a spot.
  • What I Order: I didn’t like the iced coffee here but did enjoy the latte!


Cafe Sip The Experience

Photo by Cafe Sip
  • Outlets: I sat at the chairs in the back and there were plenty of outlets there!
  • Seating: Finding a seat here seemed pretty easy last time I was here with a variety of spots to pick from.
  • Parking: They validate parking in the nearby deck for 2 hours.
  • What I Order: I enjoyed the coffee here last time I went! They also have a full food menu- I haven’t eaten here yet but it’s nice to have as an option if you need a meal!

Hope you all decide to try out these spots if you haven’t been! What are your favorite coffee shops to work at?



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