Best Spots in Atlanta (2018)

Hi everyone! I realize this post is coming really late since we’re already 29 days into 2019, but i figured better late than never right? Here are my top favorite spots from last year & places I’m confident in recommending to you!


Casual Restaurant: New Realm Brewing & Cypress Street Pint and Plate (Cypress has a donut burger, sweet potato nachos, and fries served with truffle mayo!)

Upscale Restaurant: Ecco & Nikolai’s Roof (pictured above right & see full review here)

Bakery: Proof Bakeshop

Brunch: Murphy’s (for non-bottomless brunch), Venkman’s (for bottomless brunch)

Honorable Mention: The chicken & waffles at South City Kitchen is drool-worthy.

Late Night Menu: Marcel ($$$$ restaurant w/ a $12 & under late night menu! Get the steak frites!)- favorite for the second year!

Honorable Mention: Beetlecat ($$$ restaurant with a $12 & under late night menu. You could also get drinks at The Den (bottom level of Beetlecat) before dining on the late night menu!)

Indian Food: Tabla (they have goat cheese naan here!!)- favorite for the second year!

Pizza: Antico’s (love the Sofia pizza at Antico’s and the spot is BYOB)

Mexican: Bone Garden Cantina

Tacos: Takorea ($2 tacos on Tuesday & you NEED the sesame fries in your life)

BBQFox Bro’s BBQ– favorite for the second year!

Ramen: Jinya Ramen Bar– favorite for the second year!

Tapas: Iberian Pig

Sushi: Nori Nori (I hardly went to sushi places this year but eat so much every time I go to this sushi buffet!)

Korean BBQ: 9292 Korean BBQ


Cheesecake: Cafe Intermezzo

Donuts: Bon Glaze

Ice Cream: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams


Drinks (Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic)

Cocktail Bar: Little Trouble– favorite for the second year!

Themed Bar: SOS Tiki Bar (pictured above)

Brewery: Monday Night– favorite for the second year!

Wineshop: Barcelona Vinoteca (they offer tastings too!)

Coffee: Dancing Goats (See my post about best coffee shops to get work done at)

Matcha Latte: Momo Cafe

Bubble Tea: Sweet Hut (my favorite is the thai tea with boba & any of the pastries!)- favorite for the second year!


Hanging Out

Market: Ponce City Market (endless food spots, shopping, it’s on the Beltline, & they have Skyline Park (pictured above) with games, a slide, & a bar on the roof!

Thing to do in ATL: Walk the Beltline (or organizing a Sunday Funday hitting the spots and bars there)

Game Bar: Revery VR (a virtual reality bar where you or your friends can play and see on a screen what the other person sees!)

Spot to hang with friends: Painted Duck (You don’t have to bowl here & instead can play the games they have and get a drink!)

Comedy: Laughing Skull Lounge

Related image
Photo by Stellar Bodies


Cycling Studio: Flywheel (class is based on torque and RPM!)- favorite for the second year!

Yoga Studio: CorePower Yoga

Pilates Studio: Stellar Bodies– favorite for the second year!

Barre Class: Flybarre– favorite for the second year!

Overall Studioexhale (love treating myself after a barre or yoga class with the rainfall showers and steam room!)


Clothing Boutique (women’s): Vernacular

Stationary: Archer Paper Goods

Artisan Goods: Citizen Supply


Hope you all found this post helpful! Happy exploring!
– Emily


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