A Day at Fernbank Museum of Natural History!

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Hi, everyone! Earlier this month, my friend and I had a chance to explore the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. There is SO much to do and see so I wanted to let you know of some of my favorite parts of this Atlanta must-see! But before I get into my favorites, I need to tell you the coolest part of exploring the museum: Everything is so well thought out that even the floor you are walking on is worth checking out… The Fernbank’s tiles are limestone that formed during the Jurassic period about 150 million years ago and contain tons of fossils! See below for my favorite things about Fernbank!

Exploring the Wild Woods

Since the museum is located in the middle of Atlanta, you may find it hard to believe that there are 75 acres (yep, you read that right) of breathtaking green space to explore. In the Wild Woods, you’ll walk through the greenest trails that are perfecting for relaxing. Some people even brought books to sit down and read with and I took note for when I return!



Checking out the Fernbug Hotel

If you’re like me and don’t mind bugs, then you’re in for a treat! In the Wild Woods, you’ll find the Fernbug Hotels. The bug hotels are home to tons of animals from bees and ants to frogs and salamanders. There are a few of these so you can walk around and see which guests you can spot! 🐝🦎

David Rogers’ Big Bugs

The Museum has special exhibits along with their permanent exhibits so there’s always something new to explore! I had the treat of seeing David Rogers’ Big Bugs exhibit. The bugs are HUGE and you have the chance to see bugs like you never have before. The sculptures are scattered around the Wild Woods, which makes exploring even more fun. Another added bonus: the sculptures contain recycled art – so cool!

Catch a Movie in 3D

I saw the 3D movie here and boy, it is so exciting! I had the pleasure of seeing EarthFlight, a movie that highlights how amazing birds are – did you know some of their migrations are thousands of miles long?! The birds flying in the movie seemed like they were flying right in front of my face!

Fernbank After Dark

Every 2nd Friday, Fernbank opens its doors after hours for 21+’s to come explore while sipping on cocktails! Exploring the museum like this feels like an exclusive insider view to one of Atlanta’s must-see destinations. Join me at the next Fernbank After Dark: The Great Outdoors on June 14th!


Next time you’re looking for something to do in the city, definitely check out all that Fernbank has to offer – you could spend all day exploring!

– Sacha

This post is sponsored by the Fernbank Museum; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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