Restaurant: Trader Vic’s

Hi everyone! Last week, my friend and I headed to the Hilton hotel in downtown Atlanta to try out Trader Vic’s, a restaurant that serves Pacific Rim dishes! The decor of this restaurant is simply awesome and reminded me of a classy tiki bar! This spot is a $$$ restaurant, just FYI before you’re surprised by the prices. We tried out different drinks and dishes … Continue reading Restaurant: Trader Vic’s

Restaurant: Nikolai’s Roof

One spot that my friend, Morgan, and I have been talking about going to for maybe a year now is Nikolai’s Roof on top of the Hilton Atlanta! So last week when they offered to host us, I of course said yes! Nikolai’s Roof is an upscale French-Russian restaurant on the 30th floor of the hotel with a bar and delicious food!  It’d be a … Continue reading Restaurant: Nikolai’s Roof

How to Spend a Day in Atlanta: Street Car Edition

Something I’ve been doing for the last two weekends is exploring parts of Atlanta that I haven’t gotten to see enough of! Even though I’ve lived here for almost 5 years now, there’s always new things to see and near experiences to share with friends! It was such a nice change of pace to spend a day or half a day touring around the city … Continue reading How to Spend a Day in Atlanta: Street Car Edition

White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to review an upscale restaurant/bar on Peachtree St NE called White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails! I went here with my friend when we stayed at the Hyatt which is a few steps across the street (to see my review on the Hyatt, click here.) I loved the interior of the restaurant and its “wind-down” vibe. It was not very crowded … Continue reading White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

Hotel: Hyatt Regency + Sway Restaurant

Hi everyone! I am currently in school in Atlanta but last semester I was working full time in Athens. Every time I travel to Atlanta for work, I try to test out a different hotel. My favorite hotel I’ve stayed in so far is the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The inside is beautiful and very open. The room was modern, clean, and had a balcony as … Continue reading Hotel: Hyatt Regency + Sway Restaurant