Best Spots in Atlanta (2018)

Hi everyone! I realize this post is coming really late since we’re already 29 days into 2019, but i figured better late than never right? Here are my top favorite spots from last year & places I’m confident in recommending to you! Food Casual Restaurant: New Realm Brewing & Cypress Street Pint and Plate (Cypress has a donut burger, sweet potato nachos, and fries served with … Continue reading Best Spots in Atlanta (2018)

Emily’s Choice: Bartaco

Hi everyone! I went to Bartaco today for lunch to try out the new secret taco which is a lobster taco (available until September)! I’ve reviewed it below as well as a ton of other dishes I love! They have 3 locations in Atlanta (Buckhead, Inman Park, and West Midtown). My personal favorite is the West Midtown location because of the open back patio and … Continue reading Emily’s Choice: Bartaco

Best Atlanta Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done

Tired of going to the same old Starbucks for a spot to work? Look no further! I’ve put together my list of my favorite coffee shops to work at! If you know me personally, then you know that I’m always at a coffee shop either working for my full time job or blogging so I’ve hit up a lot of spots. I put together this … Continue reading Best Atlanta Coffee Shops For Getting Work Done

My Favorite Way to Have a Chill Night Out in ATL

I have been meaning to do this post for soo long but I am excited to finally share one of my favorite ways to spend a chill night out in Atlanta (note this is only applicable for Friday or Saturday night). As a young professional, I’ve found that I enjoy the hanging out and catching up with friends environment more these days than the bar-hopping, … Continue reading My Favorite Way to Have a Chill Night Out in ATL

Restaurant: Nikolai’s Roof

One spot that my friend, Morgan, and I have been talking about going to for maybe a year now is Nikolai’s Roof on top of the Hilton Atlanta! So last week when they offered to host us, I of course said yes! Nikolai’s Roof is an upscale French-Russian restaurant on the 30th floor of the hotel with a bar and delicious food!  It’d be a … Continue reading Restaurant: Nikolai’s Roof

Best Spots in Atlanta (2017)

2017! What an absolutely insane year blog-wise! The other day my best friend texted me and said “Emily you’re almost at 10K followers!” which was just the coolest and weirdest thing to me. I’m so incredibly lucky to have all of you to share this passion about Atlanta with and I love when people tell me they enjoyed a spot that I mentioned!  Since I’ve … Continue reading Best Spots in Atlanta (2017)

EMILY’S CHOICE: Cypress Pint & Plate

One place you should be familiar with especially if you work near or go to Georgia Tech is Cypress Pint & Plate! I typically come here for appetizers and a beer but have also come once before for their brunch (see review here). They constantly have weekly specials (see here) so you’re bound to leave full and happy. I think the food does the talking … Continue reading EMILY’S CHOICE: Cypress Pint & Plate