Restaurant: Cameli’s Pizza

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review Cameli’s Pizza which is located at 337 Moreland Ave NE (there is another one on Ponce De Leon Ave). My friend, Morgan, told me about this place because someone told her it was the best pizza in Atlanta. We decided to try it out with two of our friends, Ryan and Donovan, and here is what we tried: … Continue reading Restaurant: Cameli’s Pizza

Shopping: Criminal Records

Hi everyone! A couple of weekends ago, my friend Morgan and I went go record shopping in Little Five Points at Criminal Records. It is located at 1154 Euclid Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. There was such a great selection of records here that you could find anything you were looking for! There are new arrivals, different genres, classics, as well as a sale section. This … Continue reading Shopping: Criminal Records

Restaurant: Little Five Points Pizza

Hello everyone! Last week my friends and I got to work on a special project and we didn’t get finished until pretty late at night. We wanted pizza really badly and were nearby Little Five Points Pizza which we had heard was really good but we had all never been to. Turns out everyone was right. This place had delicious pizza and a great setting. … Continue reading Restaurant: Little Five Points Pizza

Restaurant: Front Page News!

Hey everyone! If you ever go out in Midtown, you might have been to Front Page News for an end of the night drink. Well next time it comes across your mind, you should eat lunch or dinner there! There are two locations and I went to the one located at 351 Moreland Ave NE for a meal which was great! Both locations actually look … Continue reading Restaurant: Front Page News!