Restaurant: Tavernpointe

Hey everyone! There is still something that is so exciting about trying out restaurant’s I’ve never been to before. Earlier this week, my friend Harry and I tried out Tavernpointe which is located in Midtown (1545 Peachtree St NE #101, Atlanta, GA 30309)! We had a great time catching up and meeting the manager who was super nice! Our waitress informed us that almost all … Continue reading Restaurant: Tavernpointe

EMILY’S CHOICE: Cafe Intermezzo

One place that I had been wanting to go for a long time is Cafe Intermezzo. Originally I said I wanted my first time at the cafe to be on a date but then I said screw it & went with my bff Morgan for lunch. We had an awesome time catching up & trying delicious foods! I had been recommended by friends that I had to try the cheesecakes … Continue reading EMILY’S CHOICE: Cafe Intermezzo

Restaurant: Park Tavern (+Drink Deal)

Hey everyone! If you know me, then you know that I love Piedmont Park! If you ever want to grab lunch in the park then I definitely recommend going to Park Tavern! This place is so lovely that often times there are events here or even weddings! See what dishes I tried out and why I love this restaurant! Rainbow Roll– $12.99- King crab, cucumber and … Continue reading Restaurant: Park Tavern (+Drink Deal)