Duluth Salon: Scissorhands

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share where I get my hair cut in case you were wondering. I go to the Scissorhands Salon located at 2570 Pleasant Hill Rd #105 Duluth, GA 30096. It looks so “hip” inside and unlike any other salon I’ve seen! I discovered this place early this spring and love it! The staff is really nice and I always make an appointment with Tony because he is a great stylist. He definitely understands Asian hair and gave me honest information about how long it would take to get my hair a certain desired color since I was thinking about dying it the last time I went in (it would take three hours and I didn’t have three hours that day). I always love the cuts he does and he is respectful as well about how many inches I want to cut off (and isn’t a stylist who chops a ton of hair off anyways like at other salons). In terms of prices, women’s haircuts cost $35+, men’s haircuts cost $25+, and hair color cost from $50-$120!

I definitely recommend coming here to get your hair cut. I definitely think it’s worthwhile to drive outside of Downtown Atlanta and Midtown Atlanta to get your hair done because it’s so much cheaper. After getting your hair cut here, you can stop by next door to get some Sun-O dessert or bubble tea (see review here)!

– Emily

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