EMILY’S CHOICE: Cafe Intermezzo

One place that I had been wanting to go for a long time is Cafe Intermezzo. Originally I said I wanted my first time at the cafe to be on a date but then I said screw it & went with my bff Morgan for lunch. We had an awesome time catching up & trying delicious foods! I had been recommended by friends that I had to try the cheesecakes … Continue reading EMILY’S CHOICE: Cafe Intermezzo

Chattahoochee Coffee Company-Westside

If you know me then you know that I practically live at coffee shops. It’s a way more pleasant setting to study or get work done in rather than going to study in school buildings. I recently discovered the Chattahoochee Coffee Company on the west side and really love coming here! The inside of the place reminds me a little bit of a cabin and … Continue reading Chattahoochee Coffee Company-Westside

Highlands Dessert: Queen of Cream Ice Cream + Coffee

Who here loves ice cream? Hopefully everyone! Well I am excited to tell you today about a brand new ice cream shop in the highlands called “Queen of Cream”! This shop sells both ice cream and coffee- why hasn’t someone thought of that before? That combo makes this the perfect place to get dessert after a date or catch up with friends! I brought my … Continue reading Highlands Dessert: Queen of Cream Ice Cream + Coffee