Blue Donkey Coffee


Hi everyone! I’ll be doing a new blogging schedule with new posts every Wednesday! If you go to Georgia Tech, then you’re probably familiar with Blue Donkey Iced Coffee because they used to come to our Farmer’s Markets all the time & now have a stand alone coffee shop in the student center! For non-GT people, you may have seen Blue Donkey around the city at different locations! This coffee company goes “to great lengths to make iced coffee perfect. This includes roasting coffee using a micro-batch 32 lb roaster, using only 100% natural ingredients, & sourcing milk locally from a family-owned Georgia dairy”. When I think of Blue Donkey I think of milky & flavorful coffee! Here are the flavors I recommend:

  • FOUR 65– The name actually comes from the temperature that Blue Donkey roast the coffee! This high temp makes a “bolder taste profile. Great choice for those who want balanced flavor with a bit stronger coffee.”
  • BLUE DONKEY LIGHT– This flavor compared to the original flavor is lighter in milk and sweetness. It’s great coffee without the guilt!
  • SUMMER ALMOND– This is really popular and has a great almond taste to it! It’s a bit sweet for my liking so I recommend blending it with the Light flavor!

When I order my drink, I almost 90% of the time ask for a mix of 465 and Light! It’s so good!

Blue Donkey typically has some seasonal flavors as well! I personally like the pumpkin flavor in the fall! Hope you get to try some of this refreshing coffee next time you’re out and about in the city, at Piedmont Park’s Farmer Market (pictured below), or at Georgia Tech!




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