EMILY’S CHOICE: Bubble Tea: Honey Bubble!

One thing that I always want but don’t want to drive to China town for is bubble tea! When my friend introduced me to Honey Bubble, I fell in love with it! There are so many drinks, flavors, and food options to choose from.

Honey Bubble is located at 798 Ponce De Leon Ave NE. The building has tables set up, a study room, and two couches so its the perfect place to study or catch up with a friend.

My first visit, I tried just the regular black tea bubble tea with tapioca balls and it was great (some people find tapioca balls weird but honestly they don’t really taste like anything and I personally think they’re more so there for texture). My second visit, I took the employee’s recommendation and got the pistachio lavender bubble tea which was great!! My friend (sitting in the left photo) got the iced coffee and she liked it as well!

Definitely recommend this place if you need a break from your typical coffee shop!
— Emily


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