Alpharetta Desserts: Da Vinci’s Donuts

Who here is donut fan? I can always appreciate a good donut & I definitely loved the ones I tried from Da Vinci’s Donuts during a blogger event! Da Vinci’s is located in both Alpharetta & in Sandy Springs. This is not your normal donut shop- these donuts are smaller than regular ones but have the most amazing toppings! I tried the simple vanilla & sprinkles one but thought it was delicious!

Their top flavors are:
– Cinnamon Roll
– French Toast
– Maple Bacon
– Salted Caramel
– Sprinkles

My friend tried the maple bacon one and I’m definitely going to try it next time! You can choose what ever flavors you want or design your own donuts! These would be the perfect thing to have for a business meeting or a snack with friends because they are a great size. At the store you can also pick up coffee or tea with your donuts. They do not have the price information listed for their menu items on their website; however, the price range on yelp states “inexpensive” and only has one dollar sign. Next time you are looking for gourmet donuts, be sure to check out this place!
– Emily

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