Painting: Dip n Dab

DSC00239Who here likes painting? It can be a really fun activity to do with friends or parents and luckily there are plenty of places to do this in Atlanta! I recently went to Dip ‘n Dab with my friend Alyssa and we got to know each other pretty well and ended up each creating a nice painting to take home! Dip ‘n Dab is located at 549 Amsterdam Ave NE #3 and each session ranges from $30-$40. It took roughly 2 hours to finish our paintings!

Comparison with Paint Nite: I previously went to Paint Nite (see review here) which is run by a different painting company and in comparison, Paint Nite is more expensive ($45) then Dip ‘n Dab. Paint Nite also changes location so although it’s great to try out new places, sometimes a painting you want to paint is at a location that is too far away. Dip ‘n Dab is also BYOB (although you have to pour your drink in a cup). Overall, I think both experiences are very similar, I think I would choose Dip ‘n Dab if I had to pick.

DSC00235The cost of the class covers the materials for the paintings as well as the instruction by a teacher. The teachers do a step by step guide on how to create the paintings so have no fear, your painting is bound to turn out great! Here is my completed one below. You choose the painting you create based on what day you decide to go to Dip ‘n Dab.


If you like painting, go to Dip ‘n Dab!


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