Restaurant: Ormsby’s

Hey everyone! If you follow my blog posts, you may remember that I posted a while back about a bar called Ormsby’s (check out the review here). This bar, like most others, serves as a restaurant during the day and I’ve gone there to eat twice. Here is what my friends and I got:

The Richard>$10- a “classic club with shaved turkey & ham, crisp bacon, sprouts, avocado, tomato, mayo, toasted white bread”. My friend really liked this sandwich and the portion size was so filling that she had to take home half of the sandwich. I tried a bite of this as well and really liked the flavor that the sprouts and bacon gave to the sandwich!

<The Bruno Burger– $10- “half pound of grass-fed ground turkey (or beef or chicken if you prefer), topped with caramelized onions, mushrooms & provolone, potato bun”. Sorry that the picture looks so messy.. it’s because it was a messy meal. Haha Nonetheless I really enjoyed  this burger- the caramelized onions always add great flavor! For my side I choose sweet potato fries and lets be honest, they’re always a great choice. Overall, I could definitely see myself going back to Ormsby’s for this entree.

Uncle Fred’s Ultimate BLT-$8- “Applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, butter lettuce, homemade mayonnaise, sunny side up eggs, toasted country sourdough bread”. This sandwich and fries for the price is a great deal! My friend Harry loved this sandwich so much and was so happy we decided to eat at Ormsby’s (this was his and Diego’s first time there).

I hope you decide to try out Ormsby’s if you’ve never been! It’s a fun place to play games, hang out with friends, or get a meal and a drink!


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